History of USLI Workshop (1992-2011)

Tsutomu Sasao

The first workshop was held in 1992 at Tohoku University, just after the ISMVL-92.
At that time, Prof. Kameyama got a support from the Monbusho or the Ministry 
of Education, Culture and Science of Japan. Prof. Kameyama organized all the 
sessions and invited the speakers.
Many of the talks are tutorial or surveys rather than the specific research result. 

The second one was held in 1993 at Sacramento. Again, Prof. Kameyama organized the workshop.
He selected interesting topics and invited speakers.  Again the workshop was very exciting.
He made big success in two workshops and created the style of the workshop: 
The workshops were very interesting and instructive. 
They directed the future research areas. Also, involved new comers 
to the Multiple-valued symposia.

From 1994, Sasao became the organer the workshop.
In 1994, he had one in Boston, U.S.A.
In 1995, he had one in Bloomington, U.S.A.
In 1996, Prof. M. Miller and Sasao jointly organized the workshop in
Miller proposed to published workshop notes. They are very useful, 
since they remind us the outline of talks after the workshop.