Friday, May 27, 1994

                         The 57 Park Plaza Hotel
                          Boston, Massachusetts

    Sponsor: The Japanese Research Group on Multiple-Valued Logic

     Chair:  Tsutomu Sasao, Kyushu Inst. of Technology, Japan
    12:00-12:10  Introduction: T. Sasao

    12:10-13:10  PART I:  Systems and Implementation 
                          Organizer: Lutz Micheel, Air Force Wright Laboratory,

                 Rule-Programmable Multiple-Valued Matching VLSI
                 Processor for Real-Time Rule-Based Systems, 
                  T. Hanyu; Tohoku Univ.
                 Advanced System Architecture and Nanoelectronics, 
                  G. Frazier; Texas Instruments
                 Ultra Fast, Ultra Dense Circuits Based on Sidewall
                 RHETs, RTDs, and 3-D Integrated Loads,
                  U. Mishra; Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
   13:10-13:30       Break

   13:30-14:10  PART II: Digital Field Programmable Arrays and Systems 
                          Organizer: Marek Perkowski, Portland State Univ., 

                Field Programmable Gate Arrays, The Technology, 
                Physical Design and Logic Synthesis,
                 M. Chrzanowska-Jeske; Portland State  Univ.
                Design Automation for FPGAs, An Overview, 
                 M. Perkowski; Portland State Univ.

   14:10-14:20  Break
   14:20-15:20  PART III:  Analog Field Programmable Arrays and Systems 
                          Organizers: Glenn Gulak, University of Toronto 
                                      and Marek Perkowski, Portland State Univ.

                Field Programmable Analog Devices, 
                 E. Pierzchala and M. Perkowski, Portland State Univ.
                On the decomposition of continuous functions
                 Timothy D. Ross, Jeffery A. Goldman and David A. Gadd
                 Glenn Gulak and his collaborators,

  15:20-15:40 Break

  15:40-16:40  PART IV:  Intelligent Systems
                  Organizer: Takahiro Hanyu, Tohoku Univ.
               The Role of Continuous-Valued Logic in a Mobile Robot,
                  Jonathan Mills; Indiana Univ.
               Super Intelligent Vehicles
                 Ichiro Masaki; MIT
               Application to Multiple-Valued Intelligent Integrated Systems"
                 Michitaka Kameyama; Tohoku Univ.

 16:50        Closeing Remarks: T. Sasao