The 2nd International Workshop on
                 Post-Binary ULSI Systems

Date         May 27 13:30-17:20, 1993 
Place        Hyatt Retgency Sacramento 
Chair        Michitaka Kameyama(Tohoku University) 
Sponsorship  Monbusho International Research Program (Joint Research) 

 Toward next generation intelligent integrated systems, multiple-valued	digital 
processing technology becomes more and more important from both theoreteical and 
practical  points of views. Especially, the following subjects will be key targets 
in making pioneering research : 

(1)  In deep submicron integrated circuits, revolutionary architecture is 
     essential because of the heavy load of interconnections. 
(2)  Large-scale design techniques will be essential because of the ultra- 
(3)  Fault tolerant design is essential because of many problems due to the 

 The goal of the Workshop is to discuss the above subjects, and we will get 
several new ideas and/or hints to continue exciting research works on post-binary 
ULSI systems.

                       Program (tentative plan) 

Introduction: M.Kameyama (Tohoku University)                  13:30-13:40 
Part I   System and Implementation                            13:40-14:40 
         Prospects of nanoelectronic circuits in deep submicron age
                  A. Taddiken (Texas Instruments Inc.)
         Prospects of future high-integration circuit technology
                  D. Etiemble (University of Paris)
         Device-model-based post-binary electronics systems
                  T. Hanyu (Tohoku University)
Part II  Large-scale design methodology for ULSI Systems      15:00-16:00 
         Recent development of logic design methodology
                  T. Sasao (Kyusyu Institute of Technology)
         Next generation CAD tool for ULSI systems
                  J. T. Butler (Naval Postgraduate School)
         Highly parallel logic design for ultra-high-speed ULSI processors
                  M. Kameyama (Tohoku University)
Part III Applications of ULSI Systems                         16:20-17:20 
         Real-time applications in ULSI Systems
                  K. C. Smith (University of Toronto)
         Neural and fuzzy network applications using multiple-valued logic
                  O. Ishizuka (Miyazaki University)
         Artificial intelligence using multiple-valued logic
                  M. Mukaidono (Meiji University)