11th International Workshop on Post Binary ULSI held in Boston, USA 
on May 15th, 2002 (13:00--18:00)

1. Invited Session: (13:00--15:00)

Time Title Speaker
13:00--13:55 Prospects for VLSI Technologies in MVL Prof. K. C. Smith
(The University of Toronto, Canada)

Coffee Break

14:00--14:55 GHz Serial Link Transceiver Using Multiple-Valued Data Representation Dr. Muneo Fukaishi
(NEC Corp., Japan)

Coffee Break

2. General Session: (15:00--18:00)

A. Architecture/circuit-level innovation

Time Title Speaker
15:00--15:30 Beyond-binary VLSI Architecture M. Kameyama 
(Tohoku University, Japan)
15:30--16:00 Survey of Multiple-Valued Circuit Technologies K. Tanno 
(Miyazaki University, Japan)

B. Logic/application-level innovation

Time Title Speaker
16:00--16:30 New Innovative Applications of Fuzzy Logic M. Mukaidono 
(Meiji University, Japan)
16:30--17:00 Cannonical Forms and Synthesis of
Multi-Valued Quantum Logic
A. Al-Rabadi, L. Casperson
and M. Perkowski 
(Portland State University, USA)

C. Device-level innovation

Time Title Speaker
17:00--17:30 Multi-valued logic and the Esaki tunnel diode Prof. Alan Seabaugh 
(University of Notre Dame, USA)
17:30--18:00 Multi-GHz MVL Circuits Using Resonant-Tunneling Diode Prof. T. Waho 
(Sophia University, Japan)


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