May 27

1800-2000       Reception and Registration 
        Faculty Lounge (6th floor of Nicholson Hall) at St. F. X.

May 28

0800-0900       Registration
        (All technical sessions will be at the Best Western Claymore Inn.)

0900-0915       Opening Remarks (Chisholm Room)

0915-1015       Session 1: Invited Address  (Chisholm Room)
Recent Developments in DNA-Computing,
        D. Roo=DF , Institut f=FCr Informatik, University of W=FCrzburg, 

1015-1045       Break

1045-1215       Session 2a: Decomposition  (Chisholm Room)
Decomposition of Multiple-Valued Relations,
        M. Perkowski, M. Marek-Sadowska, L. Jozwiak, T. Luba, S.
        Grygiel, M. Nowicka, R. Malvi, Z. Wang and S. Zhang
Finding Composition Trees for Multiple-Valued Functions,
        E. Dubrova , J. C. Muzio and B. von Stengel
Functional Decomposition of MVL Functions, C. Files ,
        R. Drechsler and M. A. Perkowski

1045-1215       Session 2b: Technology (Cameron Room)
Application of Resonant-Tunneling Quaternary Quantizer to 
A/D Converter,
        T. Waho, and M. Yamamoto
Multiple-Junction Surface Tunnel Transistors for Multiple-valued Logic 
        T. Baba and T. Uemura
Enzyme Transistor Circuits for Bioolecular Computing,
        M.  Hiratsuka, T. Aoki and T. Higuchi

1215-1330  Lunch & Executive Subcommittee Meeting

1330-1500  Session 3a: Minimization I  (Chisholm Room)

Comparison of the Worst and Best Sum-of-Products Expressions for
Multiple-Valued Functions,
        J. T. Butler and T. Sasao
Fast Algorithm for Minimizing Reed-Muller Expansions of Systems of
Incompletely Specified MVL Functions,
        A.D. Zakrevskij and L.A. Zakrevski
Fast Exact Minimization of Fixed-Polarity Multi-Valued Linear Functions, 

        R. Drechsler , M. Keim and B. Becker

1330-1500  Session 3b:  Algebra (Cameron Room)
Completeness Criteria in Set Logic Under Compositions with Union and
        I. Stojmenovic , A. Ngom, C. Reischer and D. A. Simovici
Hyperclones on a Finite Set,
        B. Romov
Set-Valued Functions and Regularity,
        N. Takagi, Y. Nakamura and K. Nakashima

1500-1530 Break

1530-1630  Session 4a: Minimization II  (Chisholm Room)
Multiple-Valued Logic Minimization by Genetic Algorithms,
        Y. Hata, K. Hayase and T. Hozumi
Multiple-Valued Product-of-Sums Expression with Truncated Sum,
        Y. Hata, N. Kamiura and K. Yamato

1530-1630  Session 4b: Philosophical Aspects (Cameron Room)
Representation of uncertain belief using interval probability,
        P. H. Giang
What is Many-Valued Logic?
        J.-Y. B=E9ziau

1630-1730  Session 5a: Spectral Techniques  (Chisholm Room)
Family of Complex Hadamard Transforms: Relationship with Other 
and Complex Composite Spectra,
        S. Rahardja and B. J. Falkowski
Properties and Applications of Unified Complex Hadamard Transforms,
        B. J. Falkowski and S. Rahardja

1630-1730  Session 5b: Testing and Fault Simulation  (Cameron Room)
Test Pattern Generation for Combinational Multi-Valued Networks Based
on Generalized D-Algorithm,
        V. Shmerko, S. Yanushkevich and V. Levashenko
Fault Simulation in Sequential Multi-Valued Logic Networks,
        R. Drechsler , M. Keim and B. Becker

May 29

0900-1000  Session 5: Invited Address  (Chisholm Room)
Manyvaluedness and Uncertainty
        E. Orlowska, Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw, Poland

1000-1030       Break

1030-1200       Session 6a: Circuit Applications  (Chisholm Room)
Multiple-Valued Programmable Logic Arrays with Universal Literals,
        T. Utsumi, N. Kamiura, Y. Hata and K. Yamato
LSI design of a quaternary multiplier with direct generation of partial
        O. Ishizuka, A. Ohta, Dwi Handoko, K. Tanno and Z. Tang
One-Transistor-Cell 4-Valued Universal-Literal CAM for Cellular Logic
Image Processing,
        T. Hanyu, M. Aragaki and M. Kameyama

1030-1200       Session 6b: Fuzzy Logic (Cameron Room)
On the Mutual Definability of Classes of Generalized Fuzzy Implications
and of Classes of Generalized Negations and S-Norms,
        H. Thiele
On Training Fuzzy Logic Based Software Components,
        J. Chen and D. C. Rine
Properties of Fuzzy and a-driven Lindenmayer Languages,
        E. Meyer zu Bexten and C. Moraga

1200-1330  Lunch & Symposium Subcommittee Meeting

1330-1500  Session 7a: Circuits  (Chisholm Room)
A Useful Application of CMOS Ternary Logic to the Realisation of
Asynchronous Circuits,
        R. Mariani, R. Roncella, R. Saletti and P. Terreni
Design of Ternary CCD Circuits Referencing to Current-Mode CMOS 
        X. Wu and M. Pedram
Quaternary Dynamic Differential Logic with Application to Fuzzy-Logic 
        A. Herrfeld and S. Hentschke

1330-1500       Session 7b: Applications (Cameron Room)
A Proof Method for the Six-Valued Logic for Incomplete Information,
        Seiki Akama
Multiple-Valued Logic as a Programming Language,
        R.J. Bignall and M. Spinks
Multiple-Valued Immune Network Model and Its Simulations,
        Z. Tang, T. Yamaguchi, K. Tashima, O. Ishizuka and K. Tanno

1500-1515  Break

1515-1600  Plenary Session  (Chisholm Room)

Evening         Banquet

May 30

0900-1000       Session 8: Invited Address  (Chisholm Room)
Ternary Decision Diagrams: Survey
        T. Sasao, Department of Computer Science and Electronics,
        Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

1000-1030       Break

1030-1200       Session 9a: Logic Design  (Chisholm Room)
On The Synthesis of MVL Functions Using Input and Output Assignments,
        M. Abd-El-Barr, G. A. Hamid and M. N. Hasan
Mixed Discrete Optimization of Multiple-Valued Systems,
        A. Etzel
Design of an Asynchronous Digital Sytem with B-ternary Logic,
        Y. Nagata and M. Mukaidono

1030-1200       Session 9b: Function Representation (Cameron Room)
Circuit Design from Galois Field Decision Diagrams for Multiple-Valued 
        R. Stankovic and R. Drechsler
Fourier Decision Diagrams on Finite Non-Abelian Groups with 
        R. Stankovic
Cube Diagram Bundles: A New Representation of Strongly Unspecified
Multiple-Valued Functions and Relations,
        S. Grygiel, M. Perkowski, M. Marek-Sadowska, T. Luba and L. Jozwiak

1200-1215  Closing Remarks  (Chisholm Room)