ISMVL-2005 Program
(updated on May 16, 2005)

May 18

Escalus Room, McEwan Hall
On-site Registration
ULSI Workshop (10:30 ~16:30, Coffee Break 14:40-15:00)
  18:00  ~ 20:00 Reception at the Den, MacEwan Hall
May 19
Rozsa Centre
Opening address (9:00-9:10)
Session 1. Invited Talk  (9:10-10:00)
(B. Sanders)
Coffee break (10:00  - 10:10)
Session 2A Algebra I

Session 2B Circuits I
Lunch (12:00  -  13:30)
Session 3. Tutorial on Clones
(L. Haddad)

Session 4A Logic Design
Session 4B Clones and algebraic aspects
Coffee break (16:00  - 16:20)
Session 5A
Circuits II
Session 5B Fuzzy Logic and neural networks
May 20
Rozsa Centre
Session 6. Invited Talk (9:10-10:00)
(M. Frank)
Coffee break (10:00  - 10:20)
Session 7A Spectral Transforms
Session 7B Algebra II
Lunch (12:00  -  13:30)

Bus trip to Banff and Banquet at Banff (13:30 ~ 22:00)

May 21
Rozsa Centre
Plenary Session (9:00-9:20)
Session 8 Invited Address (9:20-10:10)
(M. Perkowski)
Coffee break (10:10  - 10:30)
Session 9A Logic Design II
Session 9B Algebra III

May 19, Rozsa Centre, Morning
Rozsa Centre
9:00-9:10 Opening address

9:10-10:00 Session 1 Keynote Address  Chair G. Dueck
Quantum Fingerprinting
B. Sanders

10:00-10:20 Coffee Break

10:10-12:00 Sessions 2A and 2B
Session 2A Algebra I 
Chair W. Carnielli
An Abstract Axiomatization of the Notion of Entropy
I. Rosenberg, D. Simovici

On Prior’s Three-Valued Modal Logic Q
S. Akama, Y. Nagata

Polynomial Ring Calculus for Many-valued Logics
W. Carnielli

Partially ordered set with residuated t-norm
M. Kondo, M. Kawaguchi

Session 2B Circuits I
Chair T. Aoki
A Two-Bit-per-Cell Content-Addressable Memory Using Single-Electron Transistors
K. Degawa, T. Aoki, T. Higuchi, H. Inokawa and Y. Takahashi

Multi-valued DNA-based electronic nanodevices
M. Lyshevski

A design of 10 GHz Delta-Sigma modulator using a 4-level differential resonant-tunneling quantizer
K. Eguchi, M. Chibashi and T. Waho

Multi-Valued Nanoelectronics With Fullerenes
S. Lyshevski

A Novel Ternary Switching Element Using CMOS Recharge Semi Floating-Gate Devices
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H. Gundersen, R. Jensen and Y. Berg
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12:00-13:30 Lunch (at Den, MacEwan Hall)

May 19, Afternoon
Rozsa Centre

13:30-14:20  Session 3 Tutorial on Clones  Chair M. Perkowski
L. Haddad 

14:20-16:00 Sessions 4A and 4B
Session 4A Logic Design I 
Chair T. Sasao
Test generation and fault localization for quantum circuits
M. Perkowski, J. Biamonte, M. Lukac

Complete Bi-Decomposition of Multiple-Valued Functions Using MIN and MAX Gates
B. Steinbach, Ch. Lang

Hardware to Compute Walsh Coefficients
Y. Iguchi and T. Sasao

Three Dimensional Multiple-Valued Design in Nanoscale Integrated Circuits
S. Lyshevski

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Multiple-Valued Logic Approach for a Systolic AB2 Circuit in Galois Field
N.l Abu-Khader, P. Siy

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Session 4B Clones and algebraic aspects Chair M. Miyakawa
On the partial hyperclone lattice
J. Pantovic, G. Vojvodic

Partial Clones determined by Concatenated Relations
L. Haddad; I. Rosenberg

Semirigid equivalence relations: A new proof method
M. Miyakawa, I. Rosenberg, H. Tatsumi

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16:00-16:20 Coffee Break

16:20-18:00 Sessions 5A and 5B
Session 5A Circuits II  Chair Y. Iguchi
Multiple-Valued VLSI Architecture for Intra-Chip Packet Data Transfer
T. Hasegawa, Y. Homma and M. Kameyama

Implementation and evaluation of a fine-grain multiple-valued field programmable VLSI based on source coupled logic
M.M. Haque, T. Hasegawa, M. Kameyama

Multiple-Valued Caches for Power-Efficient Embedded Systems
E. Özer, R. Sendag and D. Gregg

Analog Soft Decoding for Multi-level Memories
C. Winstead

Multiple-Valued Duplex Asynchronous Data Transfer Scheme for Interleaving in LDPC Decoders
N. Onizawa, A. Mochizuki, T. Hanyu and V. C. Gaudet

Signed Digit CMOS (SD-CMOS) Logic Circuits with dynamic operation
H. Fukuda

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Session 5B Fuzzy Logic and neural networks Chair C. Moraga
The Alleged Limitations of Fuzzy Control
Ph. Serchuk

A new aspect for the optimization of fuzzy if-then rules
C. Moraga, R. Salas

May 20, Morning
Rozsa Centre

9:10-10:00 Session 6 Invited Address Chair J.Muzio
Approaching the Physical Limits of Computing
M. Frank
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10:00-10:20 Coffee Break

10:20-12:00 Sessions 7A and 7B
Session 7A Spectral Transforms Chair J. Rice
Remarks on the structure of matrix-valued spectral transforms on finite non-Abelian groups
R. Stankovic, C. Moraga, J. Astola

The Karhunen-Loeve Transform of Discrete MVL Functions
M. Thornton

Properties and Relations of Quaternary Linearly Independent Helix Transformations
Ch. Fu, B. Falkowski

Classes of Fastest Quaternary Linearly Independent Transformations
B. Falkowski, Ch. Fu

Session 7B Algebra II
Chair D. Simovici
Many-valued intuitionistic implication and inference closure in a bilattice based logic
Z. Majkic

A note on triangulation of Post algebras and «leibnizian» lattices
M. Serfati

Centralizers of monoids containing the symmetric group
H. Machida, I. Rosenberg

12:00-13:30 - Lunch at Den, MacEwan Hall

May 20, Aftenoon - trip to Banff and Dinner at Banff

May 21, Morning

9:00 - 9:20 Plenary Session (TC Committee report, presentation of ISMVL2006)

9:20 - 10:10 Session 8 Invited Address  Chair B. Falkowski
Hahoe KAIST Robot Theatre: learning rules of interactive robot behavior as a multiple-valued logic synthesis problem
M. Perkowski, T. Sasao, J.H. Kim, M. Lukac, J. Allen, and S. Gebauer

10:10 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:10  Sessions 9A and 9B
Session 9A Logic Design II 
Chair J. Muzio
Controlling the Memory During Manipulation of Word-Level Decision Diagrams
S. Kinder, G. Fey, R. Drechsler

Radix Converters: Complexity and Implementation by LUT Cascades
T. Sasao

Dynamic reliability analysis of the k-out-of-n multi-state system
E. Zaitseva, V. Levashenko

Antisymmetries in the Representation of Boolean and Multi-Valued Functions
J. Rice, J. Muzio

Comparison of multiple-valued logic circuits performance using statistical approach
D.H.Y. Teng, R.J. Bolton

Session 9B Algebra III Chair H. Machida
Normal Forms for the One–Variable Fragment of Hajek’s Basic Logic
S. Aguzzoli and B. Gerla

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Mapping many-valued CNF formulas to Boolean CNF formulas
C. Ansotegui, F. Manya

Quantification in non-deterministic multi-valued structures
A. Avron, A. Zamanski

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by S. Yanushkevich, ISMVL-2005 Chair