4th International Workshop on

Applications of the Reed-Müller Expansion in Circuit Design

(Reed-Müller 99)

University of Victoria

Victoria B.C., Canada

August 20 - 21, 1999


Preliminary Program

Thursday, August 19

1900 – 2100 Reception and Registration – University of Victoria Faculty Club

Friday, August 20

0800 – 0830 Registration – Haro Room, Cadboro Commons, University of Victoria

(please note that all technical sessions will be in the Haro Room)

0830 – 0845 Opening Remarks

0845 – 1015 Session I

Two Families of Canonical And/Exor Forms that Include Exact Minimum ESOPs and All Canonical AND/EXOR Families, Respectively, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske and Marek Perkowski

An EXOR Based Expand, Paul Metzgen and Jonathan Saul

A Fast Algorithm for Three-Level AND-OR-XOR Minimization, Elena, Dubrova, Michael Miller and Jon Muzio

1015 – 1045 Nutrition Break

1045 – 1215 Session II

A Heuristic Decomposiiton Algorithm for AND-OR-EXOR Three-Level Minimization of Boolean Functions, Abusaleh Jabir and Jonathan Saul

Rectangle Covering Factorization of ESOPs into Scan-Based Levelized Circuits with Universal Test Set, Ugur Kalay, Marek Perkowski, Douglas Hall and Shah Amran Shahjahan

Term Trees in Application to an Effective and Efficient ATPG for AND-EXOR and AND-OR Circuits, Lech Jówiak, AleksanderLusarczyk and Marek Perkowski

1215 – 1330 Lunch

1330 – 1500 Session III

Generalized Discrete Hartley Transforms, Claudio Moraga

Probabilistic Equivalence Checking Using Partial BDDs and Haar Spectral Coefficints, Mitch Thornton and Rolf Drechsler

Fixed Spectral Coefficients for Detecting Multiple Stuck-at Faults in Combinational Circuits, Biplab Sikdar, Debesh K. Das and Bhargab B. Bhattacharya

1500 – 1530 Nutrition Break

1530 – 1700 Session IV

Some Remarks on Basic Characteristics of Decision Diagrams, Radomir Stankovic

Arithmetic Ternary Decision Diagrams and Their Applications, Tsutomu Sasao

Complexity of OBDD Construction, Jawahar Jain, Ingo Wegener and M. Fujita

1700 – Excursion and Dinner (casual attire recommended)

Saturday, August 21

0830 – 1000 Session V

Simple Theory of Decision Diagrams for Representation of Discrete Functions, Radomir Stankovic

Algorithmic Considerations for Å -ROBDD Reordering, Haraki Sack and Christoph Meinel

The Use of Autocorrelation Coefficients for Variable Ordering for ROBDDs, Jackie Rice, Micaela Serra and Jon Muzio

1000 – 1030 Nutrition Break

1030 – 1230 Session VI

Synthesis of Lattice Diagrams, Per Lindgren, Rolf Drechsler and Bernd Becker

Theoretical Properties of Structurally Symmetric BDDs, Luca Macchiarulo and Malgorzata Marek-Sandowska

Finding Maximal Symmetry Groups of Variables in Incompletely-Specified Boolean Functions, Chih-Wei Chang and Malgorzata Marek-Sandowska

Efficient Manipulation Algorithms for Linearly Transformed BDDs, Woglfgang Günther and Rolf Drechsler

1230 – 1330 Lunch

1330 – 1500 Session VII

Bi-Decomposition of Discrete Function Sets, Bernd Steinbach, Christian Lang and Marek Perkowski

Exact Minimization of Fixed Polarity Reed-Muller Expressions for Incompletely-Specified Functions, Debatosh Debnath and Tsutomu Sasao

TRACE: A Visual Software System to Explore Properties of Reed-Muller Movement Functions, Alan Mishchenko and Marek Perkowski

1500 – 1530 Nutrition Break

1530 – 1630 Plenary Session and Closing Remarks